May we never forget.

Every Remembrance Day is significant and poignant; however, this year is more than most as we commemorate the end of hostilities of the most devastating World War in our history. What seems to strike all of us is the incomprehensible scale of loss and damage – suffered on both sides – and the tremendous sacrifice and commitment made by exceptionally brave men and women.

The connection many of us still have with relatives who served in the Great War makes this all still very real, and relatively recent. The enduring effect it had on those who served, and the impact that it still has on many of us today is testament to the enormity of this war. We should never forget what those of Great War did to allow us to live the way we do today. The fact that so many people were willing to stand up and take action is humbling; for peace has never been achieved by simply wishing for it…

Remembrance Day has very particular and personal meaning for us at Performance Climate System Ltd. As former Royal Marines, who have collectively served for over four decades, and deployed to many conflict zones all over the world; we take this time to reflect and remember those who have gone before us, and those we have had the privilege of serving alongside. Those who tragically lost their lives; those terribly injured; and those – those many – who are still suffering, and will continue to suffer, the hidden wounds as a result of their experiences.

We focus our thoughts over this period each year, but we remember throughout the whole year; on those notable dates that are inextricably etched in our minds; and always for those who silently suffer so the rest of us can live our lives in relative peace and safety.

So, on this very momentous Remembrance Day, pause for thought for the incredibly selfless, courageous and morally-driven individuals who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice over 100 years ago; and also, for those who have come after them, driven by the same belief in freedom, democracy and everyone’s desire to live in harmony with each other.

May we never forget.

Zac's Challenges:

Zac’s tech business is growing rapidly. He’s gone from being a developer with a good idea to now overseeing an ever-expanding team. Zac knows that in order for the business to grow successfully, it needs to stay true to its founding values and his staff need to feel valued and engaged. Zac wants to understand if he and his team are on the same page and he needs to do it quickly and cost effectively.

Zac's PCS Solution

Zac decides to use PCS Lite to get a quick temperature check of how his team are performing and what they think about the business. The PCS Lite report quickly surfaces the fact that his team have lost sight of the organisation’s purpose and goals. Zac realises that he needs to improve his on-boarding processes and help orientate the new team members better in the company culture and vision. 6 months later, Zac uses PCS Lite to check his new onboarding process is working; concludes that the growing team are much better aligned to his vision and are generally operating in a more positive working environment.

Annabel's Challenges:

It’s Annabel’s job to help the Partners in the firm manage their clients and ensure they’re consistently adding value. Recently, Annabel has been asked by one of the Partners to find a tool or framework that the consultants can use to benchmark new clients looking for team and leadership improvement programmes. It needs to be cost-effective, established and reputable and able to be branded with the firm’s own logo.

Annabel's PCS Solution

Annabel recommends PCS Pro to the Senior Partners as it provides an objective measurement of team and leadership climate against which the consultants can build performance improvement programmes. PCS has a good track record, academic validation, excellent training and customer service, so she’s confident that it’s the right tool for the firm’s consultants to use.

Sarah's Challenges:

Sarah has to keep across the multiple training and development needs in the organisation and do it within a tight budget. Recently, Sarah’s been asked to design a L&D programme that improves the staff retention rate and helps staff feel more engaged with the changes happening in the organisation, not least the shift to more flexible working.

Sarah's PCS Solution

Sarah uses PCS to measure how different teams across the organisation are performing and look at any patterns which suggest the need for organisation-wide, leader or team training. Sarah notices that all teams and leaders have a low climate score in the Processes segment. Sarah knows that allocating budget in this area will improve performance. She works with the Senior Management Team to review the organisation’s processes as they transition to more flexible working and designs a training programme to support staff in the transition. She’s helped staff to feel supported, acknowledged and engaged which ultimately drives performance. 

Jim's Challenges:

Jim’s client has a team that’s not performing as well other teams in the organisation. The team has a high staff turnover, sickness and the lack of cohesion is impacting the team’s wellbeing and performance. Jim needs to get to the bottom of why this is happening and design effective coaching interventions which can generate tangible results for his client.

Jim's PCS Solution

Jim uses PCS Pro to measure / benchmark how the team and leader are performing across the 6 segments critical to team performance – Goals, Roles, Processes, Adaptability, Connection and Resilience. He can immediately see the disparity in Goals, Processes and Connection between the leader’s perception and those of her team. He uses this information to build a coaching programme designed align team and leader. After 6 months, the team seems to be more settled and productive. Jim remeasures using PCS Pro – the results show the client the effectiveness of his coaching intervention.