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The PCS tools and system provide invaluable insights to understand, measure and improve culture, team performance, engagement and leadership capability.


Individual, Team, Organisation

Create more productive and effective teams and leaders, promote a culture that drives performance and engagement and prove a tangible return on investment on your learning and development activity.

PCS has been developed and researched over 15 years, used over 25,000 times in more than 20 countries and is the tool of choice for organisations serious about performance improvement.

Culture Vs Climate


Let’s start at the beginning. It is likely that you will have heard of both ‘culture’ and ‘climate’ within an organisation. Many companies fail to notice the key differences between the two. Click below to gain insight on the crucial differences.


We are here to help with two services that can unlock your team’s potential and deliver proven results for your business. Choose from the original, PCS Pro or our PCS Lite product that puts the tools in your hands.  


The PCS Pro tool and accreditation course provides powerful, detailed insights, helping you target improvement and change in the right areas.

Through detailed measurement of team climate, along with analysis of the differences between team and leader perception, PCS Pro helps you to deliver the results that can transform teams and maximise performance.

PCS Pro is best for:

  • Human Resources/ Learning and Development Professionals looking for a team and leadership analysis and development tool and system
  • Team and Leadership Development Coaches and Consultants
  • Directors of larger organisations looking for a system to measure and manage climate and performance across multiple teams


PCS Lite is downloaded, implemented and analysed directly by you. It's designed for Leaders and Managers without the need for external coaching support.

Simply download the tool, follow the easy to understand video series, interpretive guide and action planning materials to gain actionable insights into staff satisfaction and team climate.

PCS Lite is best for:

  • Leaders and HR professionals of small to medium sized businesses without a big budget for external support
  • Team and Leadership Development Coaches and Consultants looking for a cost effective, simple to use and intuitive diagnostic tool
  • Organisations looking for a team-focused, highly effective alternative to a staff engagement survey
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