Are you a Human Resources Leader, Head of Learning & Development or a Team & Leadership Development Consultant or Consultancy?

Becoming an accredited PCS Practitioner will benefit you, the teams you oversee and the clients you work with.

As a qualified PCS Practitioner you can work with external clients or within your own organisation to diagnose issues, design improvement packages and demonstrate return on investment.

PCS Pro and PCS Lite are the perfect tools to help leaders address issues within a team and deliver effective and targeted training to increase leader and team productivity, engagement and success.


Lorna Davey


Job Situation / Role:

Organisation Development Partner


Human Resources, Learning Development, People and Organisation Development, Performance Management

Key Frustration:

“Not being able to do more, I have to remind myself that I am human and finite!”

Key Goals:

Working within a university, Lorna looks to plan, deliver and evaluate the key strategic Organisation Development Programmes. This includes implementing leadership and development initiatives and building collaborative partnerships to enhance university culture, policy and procedure.

A Day in the Life:

Liaising with department managers, Lorna works to coach them, guiding them to understand the importance of team goals. Often, she finds herself in conversations with managers who have not considered what it is they want to achieve from their teams, with regards to vision, mission, objectives, barriers and enablers.

Once managers realise the importance of setting goals to work towards, Lorna helps them understand where they think development processes should be implemented. From here she works with their teams, running workshops to help the team determine their purpose and roles within the organisation. Lorna provides them with structure and a ‘route map’, guiding them towards being a high performing team.


Our pricing model is flexible and consultative. Dependant on the size and requirements of your organisation we can provide a tailored PCS programme to fit you. We base our model on cost per team, not per person and, in order for you to make the most of the PCS tools, you will receive an interpretive guide to help you implement change and improve the performance of your teams.



If you’re looking for a one-off assessment of a team, or number of teams, you can pay a standard fee per measure – we charge per team, not per person.

By purchasing PCS tools on a pay per use basis, we provide you with a baseline measurement of climate, diagnosis of key issues and supportive improvement planning.



If you’re looking to support a team for a long term, you can purchase a course of assessments for one, or multiple teams.

This allows you to measure, diagnose and remeasure as many times as you see fit in order to understand the scale and scope of change. We will also provide an indication of ROI from any improvement activity.



If you’re a larger organisation looking to deploy the PCS tools across multiple teams or clients, on a continual basis, you can invest in an annual or monthly license.

By opting to partner with PCS in this way, you can comprehensively track, benchmark and compare the performance of teams over time while benefiting from reduced report pricing. 

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